Sunday, December 30, 2012

Xmas Break 2012!

So... Being home has been pretty good!! I have been able to do some of the traditional winter festivities, eat at my favorite restaurants, and hang out with the fam! :) Here are a bunch of pictures from my trip home!

Day 1 home! 

Cafe Rio!! 

Derp dog. 

My favorite little cousin! Love me some Austin time! 

The ultimate Christmas spirit

Looking through some old pictures! My grandpa: United States Marine Corps! Oorah!!

First snow storm

Christmas Eve church with grandma! :) 

Christmas Night! 

Some beautiful views! Love the valley! 

2 of my favorite Christmas gifts! Thanks mom and cyd! 

Homemade rolls! 

Quality time with my favorite little kids! 

Frosty trees

Best friends all tuckered out!

Beautiful view of a Georgia sunrise! Thanks to Austin! 

Bowling with the family and Karalee! 

This dog, is amazing. To say the least. 

Pictures in MSUM gear! :)

Sledding at the farm!!! :) 

Thank you for reading! Be looking out for my next adventure: Florida with the Dragons!