Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catch-up time!

So.. I have not blogged in about two months! There are many reason for this. Below are some pictures from those two months and a little caption to explain them all! Thanks for reading! 

This is what happens when you have free time and nothing to do... 

Face-timing with my little brother! Miss this little butt head! 

Finally got my Dragon gear! :) 

Most inspirational book! A good motivator when times get tough. 

On the night of Monday Jan. 14 I went to the ER because of excruciating abdominal pains. The car ride to the hospital was the most interesting car ride i've ever been on. Makayla (roomie) drove me to the hospital that we thought would have an ER. NOPE! It didn't and so we had to find the one that did and actually make it there. Bless her heart with all of this! Let's say, there were choice words flying left and right from me and she just kept driving and we eventually got there! After a long night of testing and waiting the docs came to the conclusion that I needed to have an emergency Appendectomy. So at 2:30 am the next day I was prepped and sent off to surgery. When I woke up I was on the Pediatric floor recovering. In my room were my two saving graces: my roommate and my assistance coach. If it were not for these two I would have had a hell of a time with the whole situation. The whole ordeal was definitely a new experience. It was the first time that my mom had not been there when something serious was going on, and when stuff is happening that is the only person that you want. I called my mom on face time when I was finally coherent and we both just started crying... Probably didn't help that my voice was raspy from the breathing tube. It was a tough conversation for us both. It was hard for her because she was literally helpless. So, the amazing mom that she is, she booked a flight to Minnesota that night. It was the best news I had gotten in that past 24 hours. As the rest of the recovery process went on the nurse soon found out that if she gave me 2 pain pills I would be out cold for a good 4 hours. So, it was hard for her to get me going and eventually releasing me. It was about 5:30 pm when I finally was released from the hospital. Makayla and I went on another little adventure. (Her pushing me in the wheelchair, let's say... she shouldn't quit her day job. ;) My mom arrived that night at midnight and stayed for about a week! Thank god! The mamma makes everything better! Oh, and did I mention that I only had 3 weeks until the biggest swim meet of the season? 

One of my battle scars. (I have 2 others) 

This is an everyday sight in the AT room. Today is was picture worthy though! 

My best friend of 6 years had a little boo-boo and needed repairing. I was not going to let go of this little guy! We've been through so much together! 

A sweet note from my sweeties! Encouraging a speedy recovery. 

All of the pictures below are from my training trip in Tampa, FL! 

Survived the run! 

"Man-hands" & "Man-feet"

I want to be just like this couple when I'm old! So cute! 

So... This cute guy below is my biggest supporter and my best friend! My life would be so different if he were not in it.. And not in a good way! Every moment that we spend talking to each other we become closer and closer! Love him! 

Biggest fan! 

Typical Skype date! :) 

Early Valentines day present from the boyfriend! :) 

Good luck Flamingo from Makayla! My new travel buddy! 

Just read my mom's shirt. Best. Mom. EVER!!! True Dragon supporter. 

This moment was probably one of the best during the 5 days of Conference. I got my very first bag tag! I have always seen people with these hanging off of their swim bags but in UT I was not lucky enough to ever get one. But, my dream came true and I acted like a kid on X-mas when my coach handed it to me! :) 


Austin got me the most beautiful necklace for Valentines Day! Let's just say I teared up a little when I opened it. The picture is not very good but you can tell there are two hearts. The one on the left has my birthstone and my name and the one on the right has his birthstone and name! Perfect! That is the only word to describe it! :) 

Thanks for reading! 


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