Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy days to come!

Today I decided to start an individual blog to keep all those interested in my life up to speed with my adventures! Two days ago I came home from paradise, kicking and screaming! I did not want to leave. A little piece of fantasy was not enough to satisfy me! Realizing I had to snap back into my Cache Valley life, I started my routines back up.... Well sort of. Seeing that I just finished unpacking my suitcase, and it is 10:00 pm, and I have been home for a whole 48 hours.. Pitiful. I know. It is done now that is all that matters I guess.

As I was unpacking, I was reminiscing about all of the wonderful memories that I made with my family and new found friends on the sunny island of Jamaica! This trip was seriously a dream come true. Sunny Weather. Warm Water. Nothing to do. Time to chill, and so much more! The resort we stayed at was an ALL inclusive, which was absolutely amazing! So if you wanted Nacho's at 11:00 at night, no one was there to stop you! (I am not saying this from experience ;) ) We were able to snorkel and we saw a HUGE Stingray, 3 starfish, a barracuda, and thousands of very tropical fish!

My View for 7 days. :)

 Jamaican Sunset

Another highlight of my trip was meeting the Phillips family from Georgia! On the first night there was a beach bonfire and also a dancing competition for the males species. My father and Austin Phillips were both part. Long story short, it came down to those two fighting for a bottle of coconut rum.  My father shamed the family by not pulling out a win... The good thing that came out of this situation was a friendship! Austin and I kept running into each other and we just decided why not be friends?! So we did! This kid is one tough puppy he is going into the Marine Corps in July 2012. He is going to do great!

Well, to finish this out I just want to say that I am so glad that high school is over and I can't wait to start my new life in Minnesota! *It's a great day to be a DRAGON!*



  1. I had the time of my life here too. I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself. Nachos at anytime were good. Now you understand why I wanted to take you here! All I can say is when shall we go back? Live you tons and I am so nervous excited for the next chapter... XOXO mom

    1. Love you tone but Live every day to the fullest!

    2. Love this. And you. Jamaica was amazing to say the least :) We're so lucky to have the best parents anyone could ask for!