Friday, August 24, 2012

Dorm Life... :)

So far, so good. :) Dorm life is treating me pretty well so far! Actually, I LOVE it!! I have my own little nook to call my own and I am right next door to such a great friend! I have only spent two nights in the dorms but I have a really great feeling that every night from now on, will be a great one! Makayla and I are kinda bums.. : / We are just ready to get our classes started and I am ready to get going with swimming! We have been doing "Ice Breakers" for the past three days.. and to say it nicely: I am sick of introducing myself as the girl from Utah. We (Makayla and I) have decided that it is not so bad that we are not going to every freshman activity. We will make friends at our own pace and when we feel comfortable. :) I don't think that is such a bad thing!

Here is a glimpse at my humble abode! :)

That's it for now!! I will have a lot more stuff to talk about once things get started! Thanks for reading! 


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