Monday, July 23, 2012

Stepping stones that test your life.

Yesterday: Sunday July 22, 2012; I said goodbye to one of my very best friends. Austin Phillips is on his way to becoming a United States Marine! I have known about this day for a while, but it was still heart wrenching and very very bitter sweet.

I got up especially early because of the time difference; so that I could Skype with him one last time before verbal communication is gone for 3 months. It was early here but oh so worth it! :) We didn't really talk but it was just nice to "hang out" for one last time! About two hours later I got one last phone call from him and that was the icing on the cake! He told me: "Shae, don't you worry about anything else but your school and your swimming. These short 3 months will fly by, and as soon as you know it we will be talking until the VERY late hours of the night on Skype!" This gave me a peace of mind! Now, all I can say is that I can't wait to start writing him! That address can't get here fast enough!!

*Friends for Life! 

The only other semi-exciting thing that has been happening in my life is that I have been buying everything under the moon for my dorm and then everything else I need for college! A HUGE thanks needs to go out to those who have helped 'donate' to my college fund! :) Every penny has gone to something great, and useful! I fell like such a big girl! I bought myself a MICROWAVE!!!! haha This was my first big purchase and it was awesome! (Even though I bought a pair of Tennis shoes a couple days later that were more than the microwave... Comfort is key I guess.) 

Other than that my life has been pretty much the same! Nannying, hanging out, and trying to get ready for college! :) 

About 2 hours after I posted this I almost died of a panic attack. I thought I was going to lunch with my mom and grandma but little did I know that was not true. We walk in to Chick-fil-a and start to order our food. Then I see it. The Cow. I absolutely HATE mascots! Even worse than bird feet..... It comes walking out of the back, and my heart starts beating a little bit faster, but I am still doing ok. Then, it comes from behind the counter, I am still doing somewhat alright... Then I am standing there facing the register and I see in the kitchen door, the Cow, standing right behind me. My heart now feels like I just ran a couple miles. At this moment my mom scoots over and stands behind me; because she knows how badly they scare me. Especially the Cow. Then she has to pay, so she slides back over and leaves me totally exposed and vulnerable!!! The next moment was the worst moment EVER! I feel this giant hoof resting on my shoulder!! THE COW TOUCHED ME!!! At this moment I totally lose it, my eyes start to swell up and my heart is puttering like a hummingbirds! I finally get so overwhelmed that I have to make an escape to the bathroom... Once I make it to the bathroom I am ok... Then I walk back out and find a seat (Only facing forward, I didn't dare risk having my back exposed.) Long story short I eat my lunch on ultra high alert, and get out of there ASAP! :) 


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  1. Mom was trying to protect you but I should have taken that "Cow" down!!! Sorry