Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby man feet, you crazy potato!

Crazy. That is the only word to describe these past few weeks! I have finally started regular season practices for swimming, I have my first college exam this coming week, and Homecoming is coming up! I am so excited for everything in the upcoming weeks also! We have an Alumni meet, Homecoming dance, and so much more! 

As for college... I LOVE everything about it! This are the best days of my life. Everyone says that the High School years are the best of your life. I say that is false! Life is so different here, but it is a great difference! Every experience I have here I am learning something new! It may not be useful, but I am sure learning. 

Swimming is exceeding my wants and beliefs! I was expecting something totally different from college swimming, but it is not. Everyday is something new and exciting. My Love  for swimming has been reignited! The 26 other girls that are on this team are absolutely amazing! I have 26 new best friends! The relationships I am creating here are going to be life long ones. 

*Below are an array of pictures from some of my adventures! 

Besties! (Minus Jackie)

Literally Makin it Nasty! :) 

Freshman! Class of 2016!

Dragon Swim Team 2012-2013


Field day for Dryland! 

Fire drill at breakfast. Doesn't stop us! 

Me and Taylor-Gang! BFF!

We are models on the weekends... 

Going camping! :)

Here is the link to our Amazing Race video! This is what we do while camping! 

Thanks for reading! 


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