Monday, October 15, 2012

Wuah Wuah like a Dungeon Dragon!!!

It has been a while since I have blogged.... Hope these pictures show what I have been up to!!!! 

The above 3 happened when I left my phone at the dinner table.... 

Burning of the "M" for Homecoming! 

Homecoming Fireworks show! 

 For MSUM Homecoming we had a dance! After our Alumni meet a group of swimmers got all dolled up, went to dinner and then went to the dance! It was such a great night of friends and dancing! :) 

Ink #2!

(Just kidding! It was a spray on tat that I sported in honor of my bestie!)

Oh ya know... Just a quick snow storm in October. 

I had to pull out ALL the winter gear! 

Brazilian Pretzel! :) 

Happy Halloween!! :)

The above 3 pictures have THE BEST story to go along with them...

This week was my first official college swim meet. To say the least.. I was super excited! It was about an hour and a half before warm up started and we were going to have our team meeting. I was walking down the hall and my coach called me over. I was confused so I kind of gave her a little trouble. She told me to just come over. So I did. As soon as I walk around my corner, my parents were standing there!!!!!! I was in shock! I cried like a baby and it made my whole day! The pictures above are some of the ones that my mom was sending me... I was confused but I thought they were cute! Little did I know that they were taking them that day and sending them!!! It was an awesome surprise and I think I swam better because they were there! ;-) 

Thanks for reading! 


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  1. This meant the world to us to be there with you to see you swim officially as a college swimmer!!!
    Can't wait to come back! SOON!!!
    Along with a few others.
    The picture were so fun going around campus taking them and running into other swimmers!