Sunday, November 18, 2012


Holy cow! I don't even know where to begin! It has definitely been too long since I've posted.. Sorry about that! Here are A TON of pictures of things I have been doing here at MSUM. 

Yes, indeed. We dressed up for Halloween and we went Trick-or-Treating! :) Never too old! 

I have to give my Uncle Rich a shout out for the above pictures. He is the one that taught me the good ole' grape in the upper lip trick (cherry tomatoes in our case)! This was probably one of the funniest meals ever. Especially when we convinced our coach to do it with us! Times like these make me love the team I am on and make me so thankful that I am creating wonderful memories! Oh, and yes, we do have bibs on. 

Jackie-Man! Watching our evil! 

Vivi bags her own groceries... Gotta love her! :) 

It was my birthday during my non-posting period and I received THE BEST Birthday box from my parents! Inside were things from coloring book to Rice Krispie treats to Fry Sauce! Yes, fry sauce. The people in Minnesota DO NOT HAVE FRY SAUCE! I was talking about it one day and everyone was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language. They have never even heard of it! o.O So, it was in my box, and I am going to change people's lives when they eat it! YUM! 

Best rookie ever! :) My room was decorated for me when I came home from my swim meet. 

Birthday wished from back home! 

Birthday Breakfast! :) 

The above pictures are from my Birthday! :) The first one (the box of candy) shows you how much candy we have in our room. Makayla and I decided to put all of our treats together, and this is what we came up with. Hole Shit. Too much sugar! 

My sister took this pic. This is why I miss CV! 

I wear that ring with pride! :) Love my Marine! 

The above pictures are from the night of my B-Day. We went out to eat and then we went to Walmart. As we were walking through the isles we found: Snap bracelets, lip kazoo'z, and poppers. Vivi has never seen any of it. So we bought them and let her experience every american child's childhood. To say the least, she loved it! :) 

Birthday Bucket from my Boy! :) 

So, my family made another big adventure up North. Now they came with 2 grannies! :) I was so excited to see them! We had a great time hanging out, and just catching up. I have missed them watching me swim! It was so great to have my little fan section back! :) 

CV once again! 

Taylor is ready for winter. 

Last, but not least. This is how a college kid eats Cheesecake. Bag the solid piece on a plate! Just throw it all in a bowl and call it good! 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully it won't take me as long to post again. I can't guarantee anything though! 


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